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Boycott or Ban China, Is it the only option?

Ranchi – Boycott China, Ban Chinese Product, these sentiments were sensed by almost everyone from the past few weeks and on June 29, 2020 Government of India took it seriously. Well some appreciated the ban of 59 Chinese Apps in India by terming it a bold and strategic step. Some are trying to link it with security measures. Some are suggesting opposition to learn from what government did. Some who want to say something different about the move are silent as they are sensing a combo of Nationalism and Patriotism in the move. Many congratulated each other for this move. Well, Is there any other side of seeing the whole so called retaliation? Yes. Let me share a small story. Few weeks ago one of my friend’s father asked me on the same boycotting topic. He was watching a business news channel and the channel was showing share of Chinese mobile companies in Indian market with a flash of छिड़ गई चीन के बहिष्कार की मुहीम. To which i replied:- “May be it could happen, but in my view, battle is a different thing and trade is something different. In trade we need each others support to grow, may be the share or progress vary. Many Indian industries use Chinese machinery as they are cheap and hi tech. How will they boycott Chinese stuffs? Boycotting cheap machinery and installing a substitute for it of a price more then that machinery will cause a price rise in production and hence the price of finished product will increase. Due to increase in price that particular industry or plant will lose its hold in the market and may be it have to shift to some other location or to other country. When we look at smartphones, Samsung is from South Korea and Apple is from USA, other than those 2 companies almost all brands are Chinese. So, boycotting Chinese mobiles may gives the whole market in the hands of these 2 players and the price of the smartphones may increase. At the same time due to no demand Chinese companies have to shutdown their plants in India which will directly affect Indian workers. One should be very careful before taking decision regarding economy. The one who can bear INR 50 of indigenous product can boycott China easily but those who can afford only INR 10 for the same product will choose the cheaper option and that China will provide him/her”.
In the whole chat i was simply trying to say that China is not our luxury but our need.
There are substitute of Tik Tok available, but, why users prefer Tik Tok? May be it is with more features than its substitutes. There are substitutes of Xender and Share It, but, why people are using these two? may be because they are more convenient to use. Few days ago i visited a public sector bank for document verification and i was stunned when they said to install Cam Scanner and scan document using it and then mail it to them. I mean there are substitutes of Cam Scanner too, but may be it is more convenient to work with, So the bank is using Cam Scanner.
Many said government is responsible for Chinese dominance in the Indian market. BJP supporters say, UPA regime did not framed stringent laws for Chinese import, and Congress supporters retaliate it by saying, why not after 2014 Modi government framed stringent law for the same. Well if you guys are thinking the same, then let me make you aware of a industry that is even not in the race. It is Chinese Automobile industry. Chinese Automobile industry failed to deliver its promise to customers and hence it collapsed. When it entered in Indian market, many news channels at that time predicted its triumph but opposite happened. Chinese Automobile failed to bring innovative ideas and hence did not succeed in the Indian market, on the other side their innovation in other sectors helped them to grab a big pie in the Indian market. Their innovation give them the power due to which India’s import from China is of around $70 billion. The trade deficit of around $50 billion between India and China is not due to government but due to the comfort and convenience given to customers. Some people now started vandalize, shops selling Chinese food, shops selling Chinese phones, but they don’t know the cost is already being paid, the trade is already being done, they are just giving trouble to their own people.
Banning or Boycotting is not a solution to decrease trade deficit or to retaliate army actions. India have to produce good cheaper than Chinese goods and by doing this Chinese goods will automatically replaced by Indian goods. In my view this is the solution.
June 29th action is an arbitrary decision in my view.
Remember, China is our need not luxury, and needs can,t be boycotted or banned.

Article by – Rohit Kumar
Age – 23
Current Profile:- Pursuing PG
Political Activist or Political Enthusiast

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