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Bihar: Massive fire broke out in houses in Bihar, killing 65-year-old women

A tremendous fire broke out in Bihar’s Kaitihar district killing 65-year-old women, and leaving hundreds of people homeless on 1 April, Wednesday. Dozens of gas cylinders exploded following a fire in the Kathira area, which destroyed almost 300 homes and 12 bikes. the second incident, which happened on Wednesday in Madargachi Village of Abadpur panchayat in Barsoi block of Madhubani district, 8 houses caught fire as a result of a gas cylinder explosion, which resulted in the death of a girl named Yakuba.

At the same time, a woman was seriously injured. The fire at Madargachhi hamlet, located under the Barsoi Block between West Bengal and Bihar, took many hours to put out by the fire brigade. The reason that caused the fire is yet to be known. According to the reports, a massive fire in Madargarchi village in the Kaitihar district damaged more than 300 homes inwards two or three. There was pandemonium there. Over a dozen gas cylinders stored in the houses burst one by one.

The houses ‘content was also reduced to ashes by fire. A 65-year-old woman named Nusrat Bano perished in the incident. After much difficulty, fire engines were able to contain the fire. The incident was so horrific that there was a fire and smoke all around the village. Sub-division officer Dixit Swetam took a quick report while keeping a watch on the situation. Local villagers also put in a lot of effort to put out the fire. The entire village was abandoned following this incident. After two hours of information, the fire brigade arrived at the scene, infuriating people and shouting slogans against the administration.

Sunil Kumar Pandey, the police station in-charge arrived at the scene after receiving the information and assessed the extent of the fire. The police are currently investigating the cause of the fire.


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