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Azamgarh How Shreya Tiwari, an Inter student, died at school

Shreya Tiwari, a student in Class 11, died at the Children’s Girls College in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Police have detained the principal and the student’s teacher in connection with her death. According to SP Anurag Arya, the girl student was subjected to mental torture during the course of the investigation, which led to her suicide by falling from the roof. Additionally, some students in the school disregarded the proof. By including sections 306 and 201 in the case, the criminal investigation is still continuously occurring. At the Children’s Girls School in Harbanshpur, Azamgarh, a female student passed away last Monday after falling from the roof in a mysterious circumstance.

On the complaint of the family members, the police, in this case, decided to bring a murder case against the principal and the class teacher. After Tuesday, the district was filled with a lot of anger at the death of the girl student. Students traveled in combination with social and women’s organizations as well. They demanded the arrest of the accused along with the closure of the school. Sonam Mishra, the principal of the aforementioned school and a resident of Khatri Tola, Chowk City Kotwali, as well as class teacher Abhishek Rai, a resident of Krishna Bihar Gali Khwaja Jahanpur, Thana Kotwali, District Mau, were both detained by the police on Thursday in connection with this case. The girl student’s cell phone was also found at the principal’s office.

A student went to speak with the principal at the office. The accused principal and classroom instructor have been taken into custody in the murder case, according to SP Anurag Arya. Under the direction of Sidhari CO CT and SHO of Mahila Thana, a team was established. The CCTV DVR has been confiscated thus far in the inquiry. during the investigation, it came to light that the girl student left the class at 12:00 and proceeded to the principal’s office, following which she stood outside of the office for a considerable amount of time. It has been established that he took the stairs to the third floor after that, at roughly 1.15 am. Anurag Arya reported that a video of the girl student’s fall had been discovered in another piece of film. The field team performed a benzidine test, which demonstrated that there was blood where the student had fallen but that other individuals in the school had rinsed the blood away with water. The destruction of evidence is illegal. The lawsuit also pertains to Section 201. T

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