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Struggles in the lives of fashion models

Modelling is a particular type of work which show-off fashions. Fashion models are mostly used for advertising in print media, electronic media, and new media to grasp the attention of public by their well good-looking models. Now,  becomes a carrer, it was not in earlier times. Everyone wants to become model and thinks that modelling is an easy carrer but actually, it is not. Modelling requires lots of hard work, patience and being mentally strong.

There are a lot of struggles in the lives of models. Models face and listen a lot of criticism for their body, height, and weight. Even though, other things are perfect. In agency and department of modelling  Where models find themselves as mistreated, sexual harassment from their senior or boss.  Creative bookkeeping is increasing that often leave the working models to outside. Models follow strict timetable to be fit and maintain good body posture, they eat healthy food which other people can’t eat on a regular basis. This field requires to be mentally prepared to work back to back and wear makeup for long hours. Models have to work in a stressful environment. It is must for models to make their skin smooth and flawless. Models have to maintain their body in a good shape and avoid eating junk  and unhealthy food. One of the biggest issue is sometimes models are uncomfortable and hesitated to give their shoot in some kinds of dresses.

Every work has their own positive, negative, difficulties, and simplicity. Normal person can’t measures this. As trend, world and technology is changing and enhancing. Lot of new issues are  growing.  India is moving towards western world rather than traditional. That’s what creating problems in the working model’s life to opt western world trend and changing themselves accordingly.

Some popular worldwide models are Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, karlie kloss, etc.

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