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Responses of colours, decides human personality

Responses of colours, decides human personality

Every person has different experience, understanding, exposer, knowledge. According to their own individuality, culture, religion. The response of colours differs.

Psychophysical Response-  colours play a vital role in our emotional life.

In psychological response, there are two categories of colours. The first one is warm colours and second one is cool colours. The warm colours like red, yellow, orange, etc. It shows the anger, aggression, brain nerves, blood pressure, tension, etc. But red is warmer than others. The cool colours like blue, green, etc. It’s shows cleanness. The blue colour room is bigger than warmer colour painted rooms. Apart from that the painted object at the same distance looks farther than warmer colours object. The size  of warmer colour is lesser than cooler colours.

Individual response-  colours  shows the individual person’s character how the person looks like who love such colours. The person who loves red colour would be s higher temper and romantic type person. Blue colour shows the people who know how to make money and invest. It also shows right connection  people. Green is for adjusted and civilized people. Purple colour is looked by people who are good at art, music, dance, etc. Brown colours indicates the person is very boring,  dull and homebodies type perception. Brown, white, green lovers are conflicting and shows different expression,  time to time to different type of  people.

Sociocultural response-  Green colour shows the Islamic culture, religious book cover, flag. Blue colour is the colour for lord Krishna. It is one of the colours which shows the Hinduism. Orange and yellow colours show Buddhism . The cycle of birth and death. For instances the leaf turns green to yellow. Saffron indicates the Sikkim religion. Other than india like red is for china, green is for Pakistan and soon.

Symbolic response- red is for bravery and white is for peace. Yellow colour response the brightness and happiness like sun shines where blue refers to sky and calm.

Colours play a vital role for the interaction of human beings. It gives joy and happiness in life. Colours  are really helpful for knowing more about people in depth.

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