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Mastaney, a new Punjabi movie, made Rs. 25 crores in its opening weekend worldwide.

The much-anticipated Punjabi film “Mastaney” had a thrilling opening day in Punjab’s film industry. The movie, which explores the intricate fabric of Sikh history, not only won over the audience’s hearts but also made a splash at the box office. “Mastaney” has set the foundation for what may turn out to be a phenomenal box office performance with an astounding gross revenue that is anticipated to be in crores for its opening day.

The Punjabi movie Mastaney brought in over Rs. 4.50 crores on Sunday to round off its first weekend, bringing in a total of Rs. 11 crores. The movie had a terrific Friday opening and subsequently experienced good growth on Saturday, which guaranteed the movie’s blockbuster triumph.  Sunday’s expansion has strengthened it even more. The ability to add “All-Time” in front of that Blockbuster will mostly depend on the weekday pattern.

Mastaney is able to draw a regular cinema audience since it is based on Sikh history. Mastaney, which takes the audience on a deep dive into Sikh culture and is set in 1739, is about the time when Nadar Shah was wreaking havoc on the nation and the Sikhs rose up in rebellion. Five commoners dressed as Sikhs are brought to the invader as a form of retribution for his defeat. The group of five actors who portray Sikhs finally come to understand what the group stands for and join them in battle.

A few years ago, Chaar Sahibzade became the highest-grossing movie ever after having an incredible run. We must wait and see how well this movie does. The movie also had a very strong debut abroad. In Australia and New Zealand, it shattered every record for a Punjabi movie’s opening weekend. In a few days, Monday will surpass all previous high-grossing days in both markets thanks to significant advances.

Due to National Cinema Day on Sunday, when tickets were only $4 each, the movie lost USD 200K in North America. The biggest box office performance for an Indian film among those that have provided data was even in a market like Italy, where sales exceeded USD 50K. The movie made USD 1.70 million during the course of its international weekend; but, with a wider release and without that loss on Sunda in North America, it may have made USD 2 million or more. The movie is anticipated to raise the overall figures for Punjabi films.

Mastaney is unquestionably a triumph for a sector of the economy that has long served as a parallel culture. While there has always been evidence of musical genre cross-pollination, when musicians transition into acting and educate the Hindi majority about their world, awareness is precisely what is needed. Enters a picture with a big budget, but actors who want to sell a moving story rather than the stereotypical famous Punjabi men you know who are consumed with their Guccis and Pradas.\

Mastaney is a narrative that is structured as a history lesson to teach the audience about Sikhism while amusing them. It was written by Sharan Art with dialogue assistance from Harnav But Singh. You can tell that the story was chosen with conviction and sincerity. It will travel the nation to inform viewers about a group of people who have typically been portrayed in pop culture movies as comedic relief, irate individuals causing destruction, and individuals pulling out hand pumps.

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