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In a “Last Video,” wrestler Rounak Gulia sobs and denies her involvement in the alleged fraud with Tihar Jail Officer Deepak Sharma.

Rounak Gulia revealed that she was receiving medical attention at a hospital after cutting her wrist at home on Tuesday. This is based on a recent response made by the wrestler during a media appearance and a video that she posted herself.

A couple was recently reported for allegedly scamming Deepak Sharma out of Rs 50 lakh by persuading them to invest in a health-related business product, according to Deepak Sharma, a correctional employee at Tihar. The assistant superintendent of Tihar Jail is a well-known fitness fanatic online.

In her Défense, Rounak has asserted that Deepak Sharma and her husband were acquainted and engaged in some financial transactions involving a firm. She alleged that while she was very much present in Hisar, Sharma had claimed that she was fleeing the country.

Rounak claimed that she and her husband divorced in April of this year after learning of the ongoing money dispute between her husband and Sharma.” On March 2, I and my husband allegedly visited Deepak Sharma and stole money from him. But I was in Belarus for training on that day.

“No funds were deposited into my account. The business Sharma described closed down over a year ago. I’m being hounded and unfairly accused,” she claimed. While getting ready for practice a few days earlier, the wrestler who previously made an appearance on a reality show in 2021 claimed to have learned about the claims.

“I arrived home after my practice. Mentally, I was upset. My wrist was cut. I was in a hospital when I regained consciousness, she claimed, requesting an unbiased investigation into the incident. Police in Hisar stated they are looking into the allegations. A Hisar police official said, “We have recorded her statement, and investigations are underway. Interestingly, Deepak Sharma, who had an appearance on a reality TV show in 2021, is well-known for his love of bodybuilding. In the program, he got to know fellow participant Raunak Gulia.

Delhi police had earlier said that during the performance, Raunak identified herself as a performer and mentioned that her husband is a well-known businessman in the healthcare products industry. At the launch party for their supplement company, where Rounak was a director, Sharma, and Ankit Gulia were introduced by Rounak in May 2022, according to the FIR filed at the east Delhi police station of Madhu Vihar.

According to the report, Rounak informed Sharma in January that although her husband’s company was thriving and making a sizable profit, they still needed more money to diversify their brands and open more shops.

According to the FIR, Rounak convinced Sharma that if he invested 50 lakhs, her husband could earn him a 10 to 15 percent profit with no share in losses and offered him a position as a brand ambassador for the business and brand. With the understanding that he would receive 15% of the revenue, Sharma agreed to give the money. He made three cash transfers totalling an additional ₹ 8 lakh after February of this year into Ankit’s account, the report added. Sharma filed a complaint in April alleging that the couple had tricked him.

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