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At a press conference, Shah Rukh Khan sings a birthday song for Nayanthara’s mother, who co-stars in the movie Jawan

The Jawan success press conference was missing actor Nayanthara. Shah Rukh Khan admitted she was unable to attend the event because it was her mother’s birthday. Because it is Nayanthara’s mother’s birthday, she is not present. He also sang a song for her mother’s birthday. Nayanthara issued a video message in her place because she was unable to make it to the Jawan news conference in person. She expressed a desire to speak with the media. She expressed her gratitude to everyone, noting that their love and support meant the world to her. Shah Rukh Khan was also praised and received her congratulations.

She remarked, “Even though I can’t be there, I want to give a big hug to my friends in the media and my supporters. Really wish I could be there with you all, surrounded by the amazing people who helped me on my journey. However, my family is also celebrating a big occasion today, so I decided to spend the day with them. The amount of love you have shown for Jawan is nearly astounding, in my opinion after reading all of your notes. I am very appreciative of your support and it means the world to me. For providing me this chance, I’m grateful to all of my co-stars and the staff.

On Instagram earlier in the day, Nayanthara wished her mother a happy birthday. In an emotional Instagram post, Vignesh Shivan, her husband and a filmmaker, also expressed his love and gratitude for Nayanthara’s mother and emphasised the enormous influence she has had on their life.

Shah Rukh Khan attributed the on-screen chemistry between him and Nayanthara in “Jawan” to the filmmaker Atlee’s feminist writing. He emphasised how the movie’s characters actually respect women and commended the nuanced nature of Nayanthara’s character, Narmada, who defends her convictions and independence.

In addition to its A-list cast, which also includes Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, Sunil Grover, and Sanjay Dutt, “Jawan” is generating buzz for its strong box office results. The movie, which is being screened internationally in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, was produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, a joint venture between Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan. It is approaching the 400 crore barrier at the Indian box office and is on course to surpass the coveted milestone of 700 crore worldwide.

Shah Rukh Khan’s touching gesture at the “Jawan” press conference highlighted his friendliness and charm while also highlighting the close connections that can develop in the movie industry, despite geographic distances and in honour of the memorable events in the lives of its stars and their loved ones.

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