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After being saved by AIIMS Delhi Doctors on a Vistara flight, the 2 year-old is in ‘critical condition’

A 14-month-old infant who was saved on Sunday during a Bengaluru-Delhi Vistara flight by a team of doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi is currently in a critical condition in a hospital in Nagpur, Maharashtra, on a ventilator and taking numerous life-saving medications.

“Late night on August 27, a critical medical situation arose involving an infant passenger a 14-month-old baby travelling on Flight No. UK814 of Vistara Airlines from Bangalore to Delhi. In a remarkable display of preparedness and professionalism, co-passengers from medical backgrounds on board promptly initiated life-saving measures by providing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to the baby passenger,” said deputy general manager (communications) of Nagpur-based KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals Aejaz Shami in a statement.

The airline personnel successfully coordinated with Nagpur airport officials for an emergency landing as the situation became urgent. The statement said, “KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals’ ambulance was on call to ensure the Infant passenger’s smooth transfer to KIMS KINGSWAY Hospital.”

“At current, the patient is admitted under a Senior Consultant in Paediatrics and Neonatology, the patient is unconscious and in critical stage on ventilator and on several live-saving drugs. The parents and relatives are regularly counselled,” said the statement.

What happened on the Bengaluru-Delhi Vistara flight?

On Sunday evening,  When the two-year-old child suddenly became cold and stopped breathing, his mother frantically searched for assistance.

She called for an emergency landing from the plane’s crew right away, and it was redirected to Nagpur.

Before the plane was diverted to Nagpur, the flight crew announced a distress call. The two-year-old female youngster who was cyanotic and comatose after having intracardiac repair surgery was the subject of the distress call.

While a group of five top doctors from AIIMS were traveling back to Delhi from a medical conference in Bengaluru, an incident occurred. They were onboard the Vistara flight UK-814.

The child was examined by the five medical professionals—Navdeep Kaur, SR anesthesia, Damandeep Singh, SR cardiac radiology, Rishab Jain, ex-SR AIIMS radiology, Oishika, SR OBG, and Avichala Taxak, SR cardiac radiology—immediately. They discovered that the child was not breathing and had cyanosed lips and fingers in addition to having no pulse and cold extremities.

The Doctors worked together over the course of the next 45 minutes, creating improvised medical equipment out of whatever they could find, to first revive, then attend to her through two cardiac arrests, and lastly ensure she maintained breathing until the plane could make an emergency landing in Nagpur.

The doctors continued to help the child after the plane touched down in Nagpur at around 11.30 p.m., keeping an eye on her vital signs while she was being transported in an ambulance until she could be turned over to a paediatrician from a nearby hospital.

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