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Bihar: 7 people died in road accident

Road accidents in Bihar have been on the rise, leading to loss of life. A tragic incident unfolded on Thursday morning, the frequency of road accidents is frequently increasing day by day.7 people were killed in a road accident in the north Bihar districts of Darbhanga,samastipur, bettiah, and Motihari. The incident also resulted in around 8 people sustaining injuries. Most of the deaths have been reported in Darbhanga-Jayanagar NH 527 B in Keoti on 2 separate roads. The deceased have been identified as 70-year-old Jagdev Thakur, 35-year-old Raja Thakur, and 10-year-old Ayush Kumar. At least 6 people were injured, one of them is in serious condition. For medical treatment, the injured have been promptly taken to a hospital. In Sarairanjan of Samastipur district, due to a head-on collision of vehicles, the drivers of both vehicles died while the two passengers suffered serious injuries. the identities of the injured and deceased were yet to be identified. One of the trucks was carrying cold drinks, while the other was an oil tanker of Indian oil. On the Bettiah road between Nanosati and Jagdishpur, a vegetable vendor was perishing after being hit by a hyva truck. In Motihari, a speeding van ran over a cyclist on the Chiraiya path. He died on the spot. The police are currently investigating the incident and the bodies have been sent for post-mortem. On the roadways of Bihar, vehicle speed is becoming a deadly trap. Every day, a lot of people pass away in road accidents. Road accidents are common, which is a sign of Bihar’s inadequate level of road safety and resulting in numerous fatalities. The main causes of these accidents are poor road conditions and overspending. Both the government and the people must take concrete measures to prevent such tragic accidents.

News – Preeti Chauhan 

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