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Madhavi Latha, the BJP candidate for the Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat, sparked controversy on Monday when she requested two Muslim women wearing burqas to unveil themselves for identity verification at a polling booth in the Old City.

In a video that quickly circulated online, Latha could be seen checking the voter IDs of the women at Azampura. Following this incident, the Malakpet police filed a case against her under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Representation of the People Act. Additionally, another case was registered against Latha and two BJP supporters for allegedly using dummy Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) to influence voters in the Mangalhat area.

However, Latha promptly visited the Mangalhat police station to secure the release of the workers and retrieve the seized dummy EVMs. Defending her actions, Latha argued that as a candidate in a high-profile election, she had the right to verify the identity cards of voters in accordance with the law.

Addressing the accusations, Latha stated, “I am a woman, and with humility, I merely requested to see and verify the ID cards. If this is being blown out of proportion, it suggests fear on the part of those making it an issue.” She further insisted on the necessity of additional verification, requesting the Aadhar cards of the women and questioning when they obtained their voter IDs.

Throughout the day, Latha visited several polling booths, urging Hindu voters to turn out in large numbers to counter what she referred to as “one-party suppression” in the Old City, a veiled reference to AIMIM’s dominance. She also shared a video alleging threats from AIMIM activists but vowed to continue pursuing the “path of justice.”

Amidst these developments, Latha was booked under various sections of the IPC and the Representation of the People Act, including sections related to election interference, obstructing public servants, and inciting ill-will. The matter has been forwarded to the District Electoral Officer and the Commissioner of Hyderabad Police for investigation.

During her visits to polling booths, Latha also highlighted instances of alleged voter suppression, such as the deletion of a living person’s vote by incorrectly declaring them deceased. Cases were registered against BJP workers involved in these incidents.

Overall, the unfolding events highlight the tension and dynamics of the electoral process, with various parties and candidates employing different strategies to secure votes in the Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency.


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